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September 4th – Club Night – How to Work Satellites – Andy G1GKN 

August 21st – TARGet Nite – there is no TARGet Nite due to being at Crowsheath

Please come and support the evening, you will be made most welcome, after all you are only a stranger once.



The  weekend was an extremely busy one for all the candidates, with them arriving at 08:30 start for a quick meet and greet with their fellow candidates and the Training Team over tea and coffee. Once everyone was ready it was heads down for a 09:00 start with Tom 2E0TNC taking the first lecture.

Sunday followed a very similar format with more lectures and practicals. These were interspersed with plenty of Question and Answer Sessions, which the candidate said really helped, as each candidate had different questions which led to further discussion.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the course and really appreciated the interaction between fellow candidates and the trainers.

Thames Amateur Radio Group Chosen by Waters & Stanton to Train Their Staff

Joshua, Daniel T,  Andy, Kristofer, Daniel C and Aaron

Joshua, Daniel T, Andy, Kristofer, Daniel C and Aaron

Waters & Stanton, Europe’s Ham Store, based in Hockley enrolled four of their staff on the course and all four have indicative passes from the Sunday afternoon examination. Congratulations to Daniel C, Daniel T, Aaron and Kristofer. Thames Amateur Radio Group are proud to have the privilege of training such high profile amateurs.

Also congratulations to the other two candidates, Joshua and Andy who scored very high indicative marks in the exam.


Feedback from two of our Candidates.

Kristofer Wise “Thank you very much for your guidance and efforts to help me pass this course. Means a lot!! “

Andy Vaile Just to say that anyone out there thinking of doing their ham training i would recommend this group to do it at . i actually thought that it would be hard and was very nervous about going to a place where i knew nobody but believe me these guys are great people and trainers, they make you feel like you have known them for years and the way they train you is excellent . the way they explain things makes even the hardest things so easy to take in ….oh and don’t worry about starving to death the ladies there feed you well …Thanks all at TARG for an easy enjoyable ind utterly interesting course..

(Copied from TARG Facebook Page.)

and from Jeff Stanton

We are all delighted here that 4 of our junior staff passed their Foundation Course at the weekend and received their Certificates.

Arranged via Justin G0KSC and Coley here and down to intensive training from your Members – with particular thanks to Mark Sanderson, M0IEO.

We hope that they will maintain interest in the hobby in that it’s a rare thing to be able to make a living in something which you really enjoy doing!

Thanks again to all your Members .

Best regards,

Jeff Stanton


Waters & Stanton Ltd

The TARG Training Team looks forward to working you with you new M6 callsigns and to seeing you on our next Intermediate Course.

We hope to catch up with you all at out next Club Meeting on 4th September.

Well done to all six of you and welcome to the TARG family.

We will be holding our next Weekend Foundation Course on 14th – 15th November 2015

2015-Poster2-large[1]August 8th-9thThe Essex HMVA Military and Flying Machines Show Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Averly Rd, Upminster RM14 2TN

 Listen out for Thames Amateur Radio Group this weekend who will be using the call sign GB2MFM from Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Averly Road, Upminster RM14 2TN. We are expecting to be active mainly on the 40m band from the HMVA show, the first of what we expect to become an annual event for TARG. Better still, why not come along and see the show and visit TARG at the same time!

You will have to look for us though as the TARG tent will be well camouflaged, we will be on pitch 41 between the RASC Museum and the German Infantry KG44 and GPSS displays.

Just don’t mention the war!
More information can be found at www.militaryandflyingmachines.org.uk


Hope to see you there!

Club Meeting

Course dates for 2015

NOVEMBERFoundation Course – Saturday November 14th, Training Day. Sunday November 15th, Training Day – Exam. See a List of all our upcoming events on our Events Page



Live solar data information obtained from Ham QSL

Radio Receiver Comparison Table

Wire Antenna Construction


4 Responses to Home

  1. Bri M6UHN says:

    After listening to the TARG net for a few months it was good to finally pop in to say Hi.
    Good net and keep on keepin’ on.

    Bri M6UHN

  2. belindas says:

    Nice to hear from you Bri and hope you become a regular user.

  3. Pete - M3ZCP says:

    I just wanted to say a very big Thank You to all the trainers and support team who were involved in the recent Intermediate Course. Your hard work that made it a very memorable and enjoyable event.

    I’m aware that some have commented on the extravagant catering arrangements of the TARG. Well it works for me, radio, good company and excellent food. The club should be listed on the Best of Essex website.

    Once again Thank You.

  4. belindas says:

    Pete – M3ZCP

    Really pleased that you enjoyed your course. To be honest we thoroughly enjoy running these courses and we always get a great result.

    Let us know what your new Call-Sign is when you get it.

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