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Twitter: @ThamesARG Facebook: targclub Email: targradio@outlook.com


August 14th – Club Night – Band Plans- Where do They Come From – Murray G6JYB

August 21st – TARGet Nite with Lez 2E0LEZ and Huw 2E0HTL

Please come and support the evening, you will be made most welcome, after all you are only a stranger once.



July 23rd-31st – Camping – Crowsheath – Hawkswood Rd, Downham CM11 1JT

2015-Poster2-large[1]August 8th-9thThe Essex HMVA Military and Flying Machines Show Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Averly Rd, Upminster RM14 2TN

Club Meeting

Friday July 3rd  2015 – Club Night 3rd July 2015 – How Do I Become An Astronomer – by Phil Bourke M0IMA

At the TARG club meeting on Friday 3rd July, we welcomed Phil Bourke M0IMA who gave us a talk on one of the oldest questions ever asked of any astronomer, “How do I become an astronomer?” Phil has had an interest in astronomy ever since he was a young lad, a hobby which has grown to the point where he now has his own viewing area in his back garden. I have purposely avoided using the term observatory in this paragraph as it implies a massive structure with a domed roof which opens to reveal a telescope the size of which would be worthy of Jodrell Bank! In point of fact, an observatory can be as simple as an area of concrete which has been installed level and flat on which you can set a telescope with the minimum of fuss. Read full article

Course dates for 2015

AUGUSTFoundation Course – Saturday November 15th, Training Day. Sunday November 16th, Training Day – Exam.

NOVEMBERFoundation Course – Saturday November 14th, Training Day. Sunday November 15th, Training Day – Exam. See a List of all our upcoming events on our Events Page



Live solar data information obtained from Ham QSL

Radio Receiver Comparison Table

Wire Antenna Construction


4 Responses to Home

  1. Bri M6UHN says:

    After listening to the TARG net for a few months it was good to finally pop in to say Hi.
    Good net and keep on keepin’ on.

    Bri M6UHN

  2. belindas says:

    Nice to hear from you Bri and hope you become a regular user.

  3. Pete - M3ZCP says:

    I just wanted to say a very big Thank You to all the trainers and support team who were involved in the recent Intermediate Course. Your hard work that made it a very memorable and enjoyable event.

    I’m aware that some have commented on the extravagant catering arrangements of the TARG. Well it works for me, radio, good company and excellent food. The club should be listed on the Best of Essex website.

    Once again Thank You.

  4. belindas says:

    Pete – M3ZCP

    Really pleased that you enjoyed your course. To be honest we thoroughly enjoy running these courses and we always get a great result.

    Let us know what your new Call-Sign is when you get it.

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