Our next Weekend Foundation Training Course will be on 15th-16th November 2014 – we still have a couple of places available.


Our next Club Night will be Friday 3rd October 2014. The Club Talk fro this evening will be Sun Spots by Pete Meadows.

This month’s Raffle Prize will be a Telescope (not to be used for looking at the sun) . There will, of course, be the usual selection of beverages and cakes.

Please come and support the evening, you will be made most welcome.


Crowsheath Camping & Caravanning

In Other News


The RSGB is involved with a special event station, 2SZ, that will be on the air from North London from 11th to 18th October. This to celebrate the first two way radio communication between the UK and New Zealand on 18th October 1924 between 2SZ at Mill Hill School and 4AA in New Zealand. The contact attracted the attention of the national press and was reported in the Daily Mail newspaper on 21st October 1924. To commemorate the 90th anniversary, stations will recreate the first contact, hopefully on a wavelength close to the one that was used in 1924. This is believed to be only the second time that Ofcom has permitted radio amateurs to use three character callsigns to commemorate a special event. More details are on the RSGB website.

Kerry Amateur Radio Group has been issued with an additional callsign, EI1K. The club intends to use the callsign for contest operating, while the other callsign, EI1KARG, will continue to be used for club field day operations and special event stations. The group have a qrz.com page for EI1K where photographs of our various activities and details of the club can be found.

(News acquired direct from RSGB WebSite)


Live solar data is available at rsgb.org/main/operating/live-solar-data/


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