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  • 21st Sept: TARGet nite. Hands-on practical radio projects
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Photo of candidates8th and 9th September: Another successful weekend Foundation Course at TARG. Ken and Juan are now awaiting their foundation call-signs. 

Two candidates on this occasion and they both passed. They showed exceptional aptitude and are booked in for our Intermediate Course in October. Thank you to the instructors and support staff who gave up their weekend to make the event possible. 

Photo of September meeting

7th September: Special presentation by guest speaker, Denis G0OLXC, on the technical aspects of DMR Radio.

Denis brought with him an actual DMR base station repeater, internet Modem, a whole range of handhelds and got the system working – live – with the results appearing online as he called in on the channels. The real value of the visit was for members to tap in with questions to one of the key players in this aspect of the hobby.  

Photo GB2MFM1st and 2nd September: GB2MFM was the Special Event Call sign for TARGs Field Event in Wat Tyler Park south of Pitsea. This was the culmination of many months of planning, site visits, paperwork and advertising.

It all came together with glorious sunshine and a stream of members of the public eager to learn what we were doing; including, interestingly, some lapsed radio operators. 

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20th August:

Appeal by club member Bejoy M0IKN who has just returned from India where he has experienced first hand the devastation caused by the flooding.

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Photo of antennas19th August: Antenna Masterclass. You can read all the books you want, be told 6 different ways by 6 different people, but it’s not until you do it yourself – and make your mistakes – that you fully understand a concept such as constructing your own antenna.

That is what the Antenna building day was about; sharing experience and helping people new to the practical side of things to have a go. 


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