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Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG….. 

  • Aug: 17th TARGet Nite. Practical Radio Projects + 27th Two Tree Island Field Operating
  • 1st and 2nd Sept: GB2MFM Wat Tyler Park + 7th Sept: Expert presentation on DMR 

Photo of Aug Meeting

3rd August: Presentation by Jon M0KGX and Huw M0LHT on the topic of Data Modes.

They covered the mechanical setup of what extra kit is needed if not already built into the (more up-to-date) rig. There followed a live demo of SSTV and PSK31 which received text from Canada using a portable dipole set up between the club house and metal fence. See news page for more details and a download. 

20th July: TARGet Nite. Outside: Bejoy M0IKN had recreated the first radio he had made in 1989; a miniature radio working without a battery, just using the energy from the electromagnetic waves. Built on a piece of softwood, soldered on drawing pins, the way he was  shown in the intermediate course.

Inside: Morse Code, Raspberry Pi, discussion on Baluns, table top sale and a special one-off Foundation Course Examination where the candidate’s indicative mark was 100%.

  • 12th August: Antenna Construction Workshop. Book via Mark M0IEO.
  • October: Extra Intermediate Course

15th July: The most well attended Field Day so far this year at Two Tree Island, near Leigh-on-Sea. 20+ visitors over the course of the day that started with a BBQ and got hotter as the day progressed. The idea was to arrive early, lay radials on the mud so that, for HF, when the tide came in the salt water would help with propagation.

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The next major field day will be on 1st and 2nd Sept in Wat Tyler Country Park for GB2MFM. 

11th July: The postman brought a special issue of RadCom this month with a double page article in their Technical Section about TARG’s Satellite Field Day at Hadleigh Country Park led my Mark M0IEO. 

Nigel M0ICH took the photos and wrote the article over the following weekend; and Pat G8JLM  submitted it to Radcom along with our regular club updates. Hopefully it will generate some interest in this aspect of the hobby. 



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