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  • Fri 18th Jan. 8pm. TARGet Nite: (See Diary page, Knots put back to July)
  • Fri 25th Jan. 8pm Net Via GB3DA. Preceded by CW on 144.250USB at 7.15pm.

Reminder that training dates have been released:
Foundation: 16/17 February | Intermediate: 27-28 April +4-5 May | Foundation: 20/21 July

Photo of John M0LFX18th Jan: TARGet Nite: 

Several projects were underway during the evening. Some upstairs and some downstairs. Photo shows John M0LFX testing the BITX HF-transmitter built by Alan 2E0FBP. The home-brew dummy load gave a signal into the hand-help HF receiver. The transmitter is contained in the yellow carry case and built from a kit available on the internet.

It was nice to have so many people present. There was a follow up to the Committee Meeting that took place last weekend and a display of our new “Special Event” notice boards. The Merchandise team have been working hard and showed examples of ideas for new garments and integrating the logo with your callsign. 

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Photo of Presentation

4th Jan: Once a year we have a non-Radio presentation. TARG were pleased to welcome Toni from Nat West Bank, who gave an enthralling presentation on Fraud and Scams backed up with PowerPoint, Leaflets, Videos and many anecdotal examples. The audience was fully engaged; more so than on some radio subjects!

The planned presentation on Knots has now been put back to July Meeting. 

Picture of Field Day30th Dec. Field Day at Two Tree Island

Brrrrrrr! It was cold, but worth it. Thick mist and a sea breeze didn’t dampen the enthusiasm. We had a line of 13 cars with a varying array of antennas and a total of 25 visitors to the event – including John G4LTH who took the opportunity to add a notch to “Worked All Britain” from the Island with a SotaBeam. Huw, M0LHT, was there from the crack of dawn joined throughout the day by fellow enthusiasts including Birthday Girl, Dorothy M0LMR. 

Some were there for the operating and others for specific tests – more in the newsletter – such as comparing a 80m antenna using just the mag-mount earth comparing to chassis earthing and then compared to two wire radials. A significant difference between them. 

More pictures and longer write-up on the News Page ….

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