2015-01-09_Cake demo Here is the latest update from Radcom. The picture of Huw 2E0HTL and Lez 2E0LEZ was taken at the close of their opening presentation as a tribute to our XYLs for regularly providing members with fabulous cakes and refreshments.


Following a very successful project building day in 2014 the south Essex based Thames Amateur Radio Group has launched TARGet Nite in keeping with member requests. This extra club night, held on the 3rd Friday each month, mentors in amateur radio practice and encourages the art of homebrew. These events cater for all ages and skill levels. Leading construction enthusiasts Huw 2E0HTL and Lez 2E0LEZ will be ably supported by the rest of the Groups successful training team, who collectively have decades of experience in the electronics, radar and communication industries.

Our first TARGet Nite will be on Friday 20th February starting at 7.30pm at the Club Venue.

Twitter: @ThamesARG

Facebook: targclub

Email: targradio@outlook.com


  rsgb_logo1Radio Society of Great Britain

Partial Solar Eclipse Experiment10361267_1437452719879247_4167689013385155581_n

On Friday 20 March 2015 a partial solar eclipse will be visible from the UK. The path of totality will pass north of the UK, but we’ll experience up to 89% totality (depending on where you live).

As part of British Science Week, the Society has prepared a simple experiment using a portable medium wave radio and we’re encouraging schools to get involved. The results will be shared with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and will also be published in RadCom.
If you are a radio amateur, short wave listener or have more advanced equipment, we have also offered ways in which you could take the experiment further. You’ll find more information and a pdf outline of the experiment on our website: www.rsgb.org/eclipse-2015
You can also download the pdf  here ECLIPSE 2015


February 20th – First TARGet Nite with Lez 2E0LEZ and Huw 2E0HTL

March 6th – Number Station by Tom 2E0TNC

Please come and support the evening, you will be made most welcome, after all you are only a stranger once.

Course dates for 2015


Foundation Course

Saturday February 21st Training Day

Sunday February 22nd, Training Day – Exam.


Intermediate Course

Saturday April 11th, Training Day.

Sunday April 12th, Training Day.

Saturday April 18, Training Day.

Sunday April 19th, Training Day- Exam .


Foundation Course

Saturday August 8th, Training Day.

Sunday August 9th, Training Day – Exam.


Foundation Course

Saturday November 14th, Training Day.

Sunday November 15th, Training Day – Exam.

See a List of all our upcoming events on our Events Page



Live solar data information obtained from Ham QSL

Radio Receiver Comparison Table

Wire Antenna Construction


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