About Us


Photo of Jubilee HallThames Amateur Radio Group


We’re a team of Essex-based amateur radio operators who are passionate about the hobby.

Launched in September 2012.

We are working to:

  • Bring new people to the hobby,
  • Develop the knowledge and skills of existing members,
  • Promote good operating practices

Based in Canvey Island (see “Club Details” page), some people travel many miles to attend out club meetings and our Special Events are held throughout the year at locations all over the county.

As you would expect, there is an enthusiastic and resourceful Committee to plan ahead and arrange day-to-day activities. The Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions from members and we try to involve everyone, so far as they are able, to get involved with the club activities.

Safety is a primary concern. We have in place appropriate insurance and procedures are the direct responsibility of the Deputy Chair who has professional experience in this field.

One of the strengths of the club is a core of very experienced and knowledgeable members who have spent a lifetime in radio – they are friendly, approachable and share their knowledge in a easy going manner. There is a strong social aspect to the club with many radio related field days and organised trips.

TARG is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (Affiliation Number: RS211307) and is a member of the Essex Repeater Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I join TARG to do a training course? No. The first ever training course we did, many years ago, was an in-house “tester” to see how we got on. That proved a great success and our training has been developing and expanding ever since. Our hope is that if a person is impressed by TARG training they may wish to join the club, but they are under no obligation to do so.

Can I be a member of TARG and a member of another Radio-Ham club? Absolutely. What is not allowed, with one exception for Essex Repeater Group due to the specialist knowledge required, is to be a member of the Committee at TARG and a member of a Committee elsewhere. This is to prevent a conflict of interest so that TARG Committee members remain impartial when contacting any of the excellent radio-clubs in the county.

What is your Social Media Policy? TARG appreciate the value and importance of Social Media which is why we have both a Twitter and Facebook Account. At the moment our club is not in a position is engage in the ‘conversational’ nature that these Social Media groups demand. TARG are happy to use Twitter and Facebook for outgoing messages but are unable to contribute to discussion, comments or suggestions. Feedback and questions are always welcome and the best means to do this is via our Contact Us page as the Social Media is not constantly monitored. 

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