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November 2018

November was a funny month as there was a lot going on behind the scenes in terms of keeping business as usual but not anything that would be considered particularly newsworthy…. except the the AGM on which the constitution of … Continue reading

October 2018

28th October: Intermediate Passes. After four days of practicals, study and revision over two weekends – four M6s (only 3 in photo) are awaiting their new 2E0 callsigns with excellent results from their indicative marking. This was a fun course … Continue reading

September 2018

21st September: A classic TARGet nite with everything that is good about club networking. 25 members attended and we dealt with practical radio issues such as: How to check the calibration on an Antenna Analyser, 1-2-1 help with getting to … Continue reading

August 2018

19th August: Antenna Masterclass. You can read all the books you want, be told 6 different ways by 6 different people, but it’s not until you do it yourself – and make your mistakes – that you fully understand a … Continue reading

July 2018

20th July: TARGet Nite. Outside: Bejoy M0IKN had recreated the first radio he had made in 1989; a miniature radio working without a battery, just using the energy from the electromagnetic waves. Built on a piece of softwood, soldered on drawing … Continue reading

June 2018

15th June: A busy TARGet Nite (3rd Fri) with 15 visitors involved with a number of projects taking place at the same time. DMR is the favourite at the moment with questions around this convenient, mostly hand-held, mode of operating … Continue reading

May 2018

19May: Satellite Field Day at Hadleigh Country Park. TARG did an amazing job to teach Satellites this month. At the club night on 4th May, Mark M0IEO, gave a presentation on the theory involved. He explained the website links to … Continue reading

April 2018

27Apr: A big thank you to Dorothy M0LMR for hosting the TARG net this evening. We are very keen that the Controller role be available to regular TARG members and that everyone, from any club, feel free to join in. … Continue reading

March 2018

The club meeting in March (1st Fri of every month) was cancelled through lack of interest. Only joking! That was the evening when we had the ‘beast from the east’ with heavy snow and icy roads. We had a top … Continue reading

February 2018

16Feb: TARGet Nite had 30 visitors, not bad for our second regular meeting of the month. As usual, lots of different activities taking placed at the same time. This month the most popular was a group exercise to set up … Continue reading