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Club Talks- Archives

This section of the website is an archive of detailed reference material on presentations given at the club. This was changed in 2016 to shorter monthly updates on all TARG activities. 

Over The Horizon Radar

Over The Horizon Radar by Andy Tyler, G1GKN Why should we care about OTHR? Like it or not we are forced to share our allocated HF bands with it. The transmitters can be very powerful, up to 40MW in some … Continue reading

Operating Mobile

Friday, March 4th saw the TARG Club Night hold another interesting and exciting amateur radio talk for. This month Norman M0FZW talked about Installing and Operating Mobile Amateur Radio. Norman will covered how best to install an antenna on your car, where to take … Continue reading


Andy started his talk by giving the meeting a brief history of satellites starting with Sputnik 1 which was launched 4th October 1957 by Russia. Sputnik 1’s launch was of great concern to the USA because it meant that Russia … Continue reading

How to be an Astronomer

At the TARG club meeting on Friday 3rd July, we welcomed Phil Bourke M0IMA who gave us a talk on one of the oldest questions ever asked of any astronomer, “How do I become an astronomer?” Phil has had an … Continue reading

Antenna Construction

Friday saw the return of a good friend of TARG, Justin Johnson G0KSC of InnovAntennas. Justin gave a talk on Antenna Construction to a very busy hall; he explained the theory around the different techniques of putting an antenna together … Continue reading

Transatlantic Communication

“In a change to our publicised talk on Antenna Building by Justin G0KSC – Mark M0IEO gave us one the RSGB’s downloadable talks entitled “A Dip into the Archives” . This Dip into the Archives talk covered the first Transatlantic … Continue reading

Geo Caching

Derek M0SCE came and gave a brief outline of Geo-Caching , explaining what it entailed and how to get involved. Geo-caching is a world-wide treasure hunt whereby cachers hide and find various containers via clues left by other cachers. These … Continue reading

Number Stations

Club Night on Friday 6th March saw a talk by Tom 2E0TNC, on number stations. He started by giving us a live demonstration of a number station of which there are still a good number in use to this day, … Continue reading

SDR Radio

Software Defined Radio by Justin Johnson, G0KSC. Software Defined Radio equipment first established itself in amateur radio with the introduction of Howard Long’s Funcube Dongle. Subsequently, lower cost, imported TV dongles have been hacked and used with freeware, to monitor … Continue reading