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Sun Spots

October is upon us and another TARG Club Night, Tom (Chairman) opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, informing the members of the success of our Crowsheath Camping/Caravanning Event, Two Tree Island and the recent Construction Day. He then went on … Continue reading

High Altitude Ballooning

It was great pleasure to welcome Steve Smith, G0TDJ, from North Kent Radio Society to brief TARG Members about High Altitude Ballooning. The balloons used for this hobby are either large latex balloons as used for weather sondes or smaller … Continue reading

History of Broadcast Radio

July 4th saw John 2E0ESX presenting us with a brief history of broadcast radio. John can be heard daily on Phoenix 98 FM , where he goes under the name of Scott Ross.   John opened his talk by explaining … Continue reading

Practical Antenna Building

    Tonight we had a very interesting talk by Andy G1GKN. First he explained that antennas were the kind of thing that everyone can have a go at as antennas were the only thing that a M6 Licence Holder … Continue reading


Hi All Just to let you know that in the January Issue of Practical Wireless there is a very interesting article. Colin Redwood, G6MLX has written a beginners guide to Data Modes, This month Part One deals with receiving PSK … Continue reading