Geo Caching

Derek M0SCE came and gave a brief outline of Geo-Caching , explaining what it entailed and how to get involved.derek

Geo-caching is a world-wide treasure hunt whereby cachers hide and find various containers via clues left by other cachers. These caches can vary in size from a large lunch-box to a minute stud size container. These can contain anything from a simple log book/roll – so you can register your find – or small token that you can swap. The general rule for swapping items is that “whatever you leave should be equal or greater value to whatever you take out”. Derek stressed that you should never leave food, alcohol or items that could deteriorate in caches. Derek also had an array of different cache type on display.

To being Geo-Caching you first need to log in to a Geo Caching Web Site to find your caches – is a useful web site to use and it is free – once you have your co-ordinates for your chosen cache you will then need either a handheld GPS (you can download your co-ordinates direct to some of these from your computer) or you can use a Smart Phone. Then simply follow the directions.

Derek also told us about Geo-Cache Trackables – these are special tokens that have a unique number that is registered to an owner on the Geo-Caching Web Site. Each time the Trackable is moved onto another Cache it is registered on the web site and the owner can follow it’s movements around the world.

All in all a very interesting talk and a great way to liven up any stroll whilst out.

The raffle prize for this month was a book on getting started in Geo-Caching and a Dog Tag Trackable and was won by Holly M6HJC.


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