Committee 2017-2018

Nigel M0ICH John 2E0LFX

Norman M0FZW

Belinda M6JNX
Mark M0IEO Huw M0LHT Del 2E0EVZ Jon M0KGX

Executive Committee

  • Nigel M0ICH. Chair
  • John 2E0LFX Vice Chair & Safety
  • Norman M0FZW, Secretary
  • Belinda M6JNX. Treasurer and Membership

Ordinary Members

  • Mark M0IEO, Training
  • Huw M0LHT
  • Del 2E0EVZ,
  • Debbie M6PTD, Merchandise
  • Jon M0KGX* IT support

The Committee is elected at the AGM each November. *The constitution allows for four elected ordinary members so Jon has been seconded onto the committee. 

Any TARG member is welcome, and encouraged, to join the committee provided you have the enthusiasm to actively contribute to the running of the club. A change of committee members over time is encouraged while always maintaining a mix of experience and fresh ideas. 

We are  keen to receive feedback on the running of the club so please approach any member of the Committee with comments or suggestions.

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