Field DayDiary (More info below)


  • 07 July. Following feedback from club members for more practical radio, in additional to traditional speakers, this month’s theme is: “Don’t be Mike Shy”; with opportunity to go on air under supervision if needed, to help fill the bands. 
  • 14 July. Target Nite. Build a light bulb antenna and see how far it will transmit. A 100W bulb will glow, but to include M6s, the challenge is limited to 10W and a 1 m feeder and 600mm lead to ATU. 


  • 04 Aug. John, 2E0LFX, who is very knowledgeable on radio matters, has just refurbished his shack from scratch so will be sharing his experiences of good practice.
  • 18 Aug. No TARGet nite – taking a summer break

Other events in the pipeline (subject to confirming speakers)

  • Operating Remote Control radio station
  • Homebrew antennas
  • Setting up an event station

Later in the Year (SES = Special Event Station)

  • Sept: 30 Sept/01 Oct Foundation Training

Please Note – Dates and speakers could be subject to change




Hadleigh Country Park: 25th June

We will be returning to Hadleigh Country Park for this one day special event on the site of World War Two ammunition bunkers. The location overlooks the Thames and was an important defensive position with gun emplacements. The site is very popular and the aim of this event is to introduce members of the public to the hobby of amateur radio. 

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