Gary Jarvis M6GJJ – Silent Key


Just a line to say that I had a call from Ricky M6DII this evening. He informed me that Gary Jarvis M6GJJ, one of our former Foundation Licence pupils and TARG Member, sadly passed away recently following a battle with both cancer and fibrosis, a battle which was ultimately lost to fibrosis. Gary’s funeral was held yesterday.

Gary was a pupil on the TARG August 2013 Foundation Licence course where his training group consisted of amongst others, Huw, Daniel, Jakub and Ricky. Gary began his fight shortly after that foundation licence course and in fact had his deposit lodged with TARG for his Intermediate course, which sadly he was not well enough to sit.

TARG would like to offer our condolences to Gary’s family and friends.

73 de Mark Sanderson, M0IEO

Hon Secretary

Thames Amateur Radio Group.

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