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2nd Field Event at Hadleigh

On 25th June TARG ran “GB2HCP” at Hadleigh Country Park. CW on vertical (most contacts including Israel), 2m horizontal SSB (as far as Netherlands), experimental loop antenna, and Inverted V with many contacts in the UK and abroad. 

As always, these event are a real benefit for those who attended in learning how to set up a field station so we in the process of planning our next event in the Autumn.

Light Bulb Challenge

At the monthly ‘hands-on’ TARGet night Mark M0IEO gave an intriguing display of how a light bulb can be used as an antenna. A 100W bulb glowed red when transmitting.

Huw M0LHT has set at challenge for members to build their own bulb antenna (max power at radio of 10W, 1 meter of feeder and 600mm patch lead to Antenna Matching Unit): whose light bulb will transmit the furthest?

Five Antennas for GB2HBT:

On 10th and 11th June, members of TARG set up a Special Event Station at Hadliegh Country Park overlooking Canvey Island where two bombers collided when returning from a bombing raid in France in the latter stages of WWII. The history of the event can be read here: Link to QRZ. An impressive video of the location can be seen here: Link to YouTube

To remember the event, a small team from TARG pitched tent and operated five radios connected to five different types of antenna much to the interest of passing members of the public who showed an interest in what we were doing. A clear blue sky gave excellent views over the Thames and out towards France. New members of the club popped along during the course of the day and learnt some of the practical considerations when setting up at a temporary location.  

Another Pass:

One feature which TARG is particularly proud of is the training. Recently we had passes at the Foundation and Intermediate Level – and at the end of May we had another pass. Photo shows Bryan Bejoy Kuttikkate holding his indicative pass certificate.

The hobby will only survive with new amateurs coming online and TARG is delighted that another candidate has passed. The club has three new RSGB approved trainers bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm to this important aspect of the club. The July 7th meeting is aimed at all members of the club but may be of special interest to newer members who need a little guidance on practical operating procedure. 

And the winner is…

Dean, G4WQI, is a member of Essex CW (Morse Code) and TARG. He recently took part in a World-Wide Competition and came first in the UK! Read his motivational full account of what he did and how you can get involved: Click Here

New dates added:  

New Speakers added to the Club Diary and new Events have been confirmed (Diary Page).

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