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Collage of 2 Tree Island

15 July: Two Tree Island Field Day

With the summer now firmly with us and the current spell of fine settled weather, TARG re-visited an old favourite for operating. Two Tree Island is an old haunt for TARG although we have not been there for the last couple of years due to other operational commitments.

Two Tree Island has both good and bad points to it. On the plus side, there is virtually no background noise on the HF bands, this is due to there being little if any electrical cables on the island, this makes for very quiet HF and VHF bands.

Another advantage is the fact that salt water is a great conductor and is probably the best ground plane you will get. Even when the tide is out the mud surrounding the island still retains a good amount of water and so still provides a good ground plane for radio. Although facing due East, in the summer time the breeze from the water is cool and takes the edge off the heat of the day but you do need to be aware of the wind chill when it comes to sun burn.

….This is the first few paragraphs of a review by Mark M0IEO. To read more download the .pdf file here:

 July 15th Field Day.pdf

08/09 July: Advertising

The first week in July, TARG did a bit of advertising to draw attention to the hobby for the information of the public as well as existing amateurs. Three flyers were produced. The first was sent to a host of non-radio clubs offering a presentation on Amateur Radio. The second was drawing attention to the GB2MFM field day in Sept. And the third, slipped into the Mailshot, helped promote the EssexCW boot camp in Oct.  

Also, you may have noticed, we have some new Logo boards which are easier and quicker to set up than the roller banner. 

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