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November: Annual General Meeting

Collage of NewslettersThe AGM wasn’t boring, but it is necessary. If you missed it, then you missed a treat. There were the obligatory reports by the Chairman, Treasurer and Training Officer. Here is a summary:

Nigel, M0ICH, reviewed a “Year in Newsletters”. He picked two topics from each of the 12 newsletters since the last AGM to highlight the scope and depth of what TARG has offered its members. The message was simple: we do an lot !

Here are some impressive statistics: 

  • Training courses in last 12 months = 9
  • Number of candidates = 40
  • Number of passes = 39
  • Membership at 02/11/2018 = 77
  • Number of new members this year 25

The Committee for 2018-2019 is very similar to 2017-2018 but Nigel made the point that next year new, possibly as yet unidentified members, must step into the breach to join the Committee to move the club forward and possibility in a new direction. 

The immediate focus of the club will be on a complete overhaul of training, more field days and making full use of club equipment and expertise at TARGet Nite. 

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