Post Foundation Support

One of the reasons that TARG was formed was because the founders realised there was no training or support for newcomers in Castle Point or for 20 miles by road in any direction. In it’s first year TARG had success with 18 newly licenced Foundation  amateurs.

The Group recognises that if we are to keep the newly licenced in the hobby they need our continued support and encouragement. TARG undertakes to provide just that. Formal post Foundation mentoring has been discussed at length, but as yet the content and presentation remains undecided. Recent feedback from our new M6’s indicates a strong argument for “hands on” workshops rather than PowerPoint overload.

Some equipment and many antenna manufacturers make wild or misleading claims and I am sad to say that some retail outlets will gladly fill their till with cash rather than question your knowledge so I have decided to offer my services to newcomers, who are in the throws of setting up a new station. If you need some friendly advice about the most cost effective and practical options to consider, before making expensive mistakes email or call me (9am to 9pm) on 07899 803714.

Norman, M0FZW

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